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What is C4?

Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom – or C4 for short – is a new initiative that enables you to collaborate in multi-disciplinary teams with students, faculty and project partners to work on year-long capstone projects pitched by non-profits, start-ups, and businesses who want to make real social impact. Your participation in C4 will count as credits at either the 3000, 4000, or 5000 level. Eligible courses are listed hereAfter Pitch Day and the formation of project teams, C4 students meet in-class between September and April. C4 culminates with a Capstone Celebration Day where you present your completed project to the whole campus and all the C4 off-campus partners.

What's a Capstone?

Capstones are “finishing year” experiences that simultaneously consolidate what graduating students have previously learned and prepare students to succeed after graduation through hands-on experiences. They are high-impact practices that require advanced critical and creative thinking and will develop your ability to apply your disciplinary knowledge and skills to real-world situations. Participation in C4 will provide an impressive and unique addition to your resume and thus set you apart on the job market.

2019-2020 C4 Team


  • Danielle Robinson, PhD (AMPD)
  • Franz Newland, PhD (Lassonde)
  • Benjamin Bongolan (ENVS)

Resource Team

  • Bridget Cauthery, PhD (AMPD)
  • Natasha May, PhD (Teaching Commons and Science)
  • Carolyn Steele, PhD (Career Centre and LAPS)
  • Alice Kim, PhD (Health)
  • Kai Zhuang, PhD (Lassonde)
  • Danielle Dobney, PhD (Health)


  • Claudia Bennett (Lassonde)
  • Gayathry Wright (Lassonde)
  •  Elaine Baldido (Health)
  • Meagan Veneracion (AMPD)


Here are some of the initial results of our first year of piloting C4.

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