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What is C4?

Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom – or C4 for short – is a new initiative that enables non-profits, start-ups, and businesses to inspire multi-disciplinary teams to work on year-long capstone projects that aim to make real social impact.

C4 enables off-campus partners to engage with upper-year students and faculty experts to gain new ways of thinking about challenges they want to see solved.

What makes a great C4 Project?

A great C4 project requires students to apply their prior academic learnings to a “real-world” challenge, identified by a knowledgeable partner organization (or business). It is supported by a mentor from that organization  between September and April, for approximately 10-15 contact hours total. Importantly, it is not intrinsic to the running of the organization that pitched the challenge and  provided a mentor, as capstone students need the autonomy to design and lead their own project. C4 especially values projects that are community engaged, digitally integrated, socially impactful, and disciplinary boundary crossing—that will last approximately 7 months.

What do we promise C4 partners?

  • Connection to a team of dedicated upper-year students who have access to lead researchers, innovators, labs and equipment
  • An opportunity to get to know some potential new hires—feel free to talk to us about additional recruitment opportunities
  • A way for your more junior employees to develop their managerial experience and skills, through mentoring student teams

What qualities make an ideal C4 challenge?

Community Engaged

Digitally Integrated

Disciplinary Boundary Crossing

Socially Impactful

7-months Duration

How else can I get involved?

We would love to hear from partners who would like to sponsor an award at our spring Capstone Celebration Day. Choose what you would like the award criteria to be or ask us for inspiration. Previous awards have included projects that have the most immediate benefit on society or projects that most successfully incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach.

Please also join us at Capstone Celebration Day where you can meet the current C4 partner and gain inspiration for participating in next year’s C4.


Here are some of the initial results of our first year of piloting C4.

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